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I'm Jordyn, a photographer based in Toledo, Ohio. One of my many loves is art and my the camera as a tool to create it! I want to capture your personality, your relationships, your emotions in an artistic way. My goal with my images is to remind you of what those moments and season of life felt like. 

Some things I love are: 


My husband, Robert, we have been married for three years and we have a beautiful baby girl. It has been wonderful and he is amazing. He is my best friend and is so supportive of my business. He puts up with me either wanting him to take photos of me and or take self timer photos of us together. He is a gem for sure.


Some more things I love: 

     Harry Potter (it's kind of an obsession) and I would be great to take to trivia. 

     Coffee from my favorite Toledo Area coffee shops. 

      Baking competition shows

      Anything and all things cozy


      Fresh flowers for no reason. 

      Jesus. He has saved my life and soul. 

I would love to chat with you over a cup of coffee to get to know you and see if I would be a good fit for your day. 

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Instagram: @jordynreneephoto


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